June 2022

Newly Released Video Documents Syrian Mass Murder By Assad Regime

The Congressional Friends of a Free, Stable and Democratic Syria Caucus (Caucus) and Citizens for a Secure and Safe America (C4SSA) are hosting a virtual press conference to release recently obtained video that has been documented to show members of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s military massacring innocent Syrian civilians.
This newly released video is just one example of the crimes against humanity committed by Assad’s military. In recent years, the Assad regime has received significant financial, strategic and tactical support from Vladimir Putin, and many refer to the tactics being used by Putin in Ukraine as having been part of his “Syrian Playbook.”

The Caucus and C4SSA are calling for additional, targeted sanctions against the specific individuals identified in this video, crimes against humanities charges against those identified, and an enhanced, more vigorous American policy toward Syria.

Boyle Kinzinger Tadamon Letter 6.1.22